27th of July 2017 07:59 PM Link
July 28th! Spinifex at the Burg Herzberg Festival, Germany. On the 29th, we play at Sommermusik in Saarbrücken.
Since 2006 FREAKSHOW-IN-CONCERT is booking quite some amazing and ambitious musicians/bands with a decidedly untrendy ap...
28th of July 2017 02:45 PM
9th of July 2017 07:17 PM Link
Last show of this JAzz sardine tour at SMUP, Parede, was a blast! Thanks to all that showed up! The temperature at the attic got really high ;)
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7th of July 2017 06:58 PM Link
HAB 2 | Concerto Spinifex, O Salão vai ao Romal (e volta)
@[952169764898265:274:Há Baixa] e @[129534923791206:274:Jazz ao Centro Clube] apresentam SPINIFEX Salão Brazil, 22h00 ...
7th of July 2017 10:00 PM
6th of July 2017 11:39 AM Link
Good times at Que Jazz É Este @ Carmo 81 in Viseu! Many thanks to Anna and all the people who came and created such a good vibe.
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5th of July 2017 11:44 AM Link
Great night yesterday at Liceo Mutante, fantastic venue in Pontevedra (Galicia)
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4th of July 2017 04:57 PM Link
A nice video of our gig at Serralves, Porto! Many thanks to the Serralves team, Cristina, Pedro, Joao and Rui Eduardo Paes!

Tonight we play at Liceo Mutante, Pontevedra (Spain).
2nd of July 2017 10:48 AM Link
Yesterday, Spinifex rehearsed at beautiful Serralves (Porto) for today's 'Spinifex Plus' gig with Francisco Andrade - tenor sax, João Martins - baritone sax, Luís Vicente - trumpet, Eduardo Lála - trombone and Gil Gonçalves - tuba.
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27th of June 2017 08:42 AM Link
First concert of our Portugal tour ... looking forward!
Faroeste-EMCCI: Spinifex / Uivo Zebra / Pesca
FAROESTE Encontro de Música de Câmara Contemporânea e Improvisada SPINIFEX | UIVO ZEBRA | PESCA 22h30 | 30 de Junho ...
30th of June 2017 10:30 PM
23rd of June 2017 04:41 PM Link
Don't miss it ... great music, incredible food! Music starts at 15h, Spinifex will play last at 21.30h.
Sunday June 25th Celebrating the Summer!!! IMPRO PICkNICk in the park behind the Roze Tanker in Noord! Sunday 25th of...
25th of June 2017 02:00 PM
12th of June 2017 08:44 PM Link
30 June - Céu de Vidro/ Grémio Caldense, Caldas da Rainha
02 July - SPINIFEX + PLUS Jazz no Parque/Serralves, Porto
04 July - Liceo Mutante, Pontevedra, Galicia
05 July - "Que jazz é este?"/ @Girasol Azul/ @Carmo 81, Viseu
06 July - Hotclube de Portugal - Página Oficial, Lisbon
07 July - Salão Brasil Coimbra
08 July - Smup Parede
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6th of February 2017 02:59 PM Link
A nice review of Spinifex 'Veiled' by 'Can this even be called music?'!
"The experimental jazz quintet from the Netherlands is abrasive and seductive, and they have an outstandingly good ten-track album!"
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26th of January 2017 08:57 AM Link
Thank you Dave Foxall!
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14th of October 2016 06:28 PM Link
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14th of October 2016 02:19 PM Link
Great place, great audience, hope we'll be back!
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14th of October 2016 02:18 PM Link
Jasper and Philipp going for it at Divadlo 29 in Pardubice
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7th of October 2016 03:28 PM Link
A video of our concert at Divadlo 29 in Pardubice on 23 september 2016. With John Dikeman on tenor saxophone!
29th of September 2016 06:05 PM
And now also on band camp!!!
25th of September 2016 12:38 PM Link
The Spinifex tour is nearing its end (tomorrow at la Malterie in Lille/FR). Our van from still running smoothly! Yesterday we had an incredible evening at the Freakshow Artrock festival in Würzburg. Here are some photos of the first 4 days of the tour, the marvelous Free Flow Fest in Puglia, Italy. The second gig was in one of the many caves in Matera, the photo shows us with our dear friend and host, organizer of the Free Flow --- and great trombonist! --- Carlo Mascolo, who also introduced us to caffè nudo...
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17th of September 2016 12:18 PM Link
13th of September 2016 04:20 PM Link
MUSIC CULT - Spinifex e John Dikeman live
Domenica 18 Settembre 2016, presso l’ex convento di Santa Chiara a Ferrandina, ultimo appuntamento della rassegna “M...
18th of September 2016 02:00 PM