25th of March 2019 10:13 AM Link
Nice memories of our gig at Aurora, Budapest 2 weeks ago. Great place! thanks for the photos!
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23rd of March 2019 12:10 PM Link
A review by Rui Eduardo Paes, !
23rd of March 2019 12:08 PM Link
Here's a lovely review of our latest cd by Rui Eduardo Paes, "...inspired directly or indirectly in that mystical chain of Islam... in short: a miracle." We had a great gig at Tor 9, Bremen last night, sharing the evening with the fantastic Ni! from Lyon. Many thanks to Tide and the crew! Tonight Schieszhaus, Zeulenroda!
22nd of March 2019 03:26 PM Link
Spinifex on tour promoting the recent CD 'Soufifex' (Trytone)...
22nd of March 2019 03:25 PM Link
Spinifex is on the road for the 2nd leg of the March tour! Tonight at Tor 9 in Bremen, sharing the evening with the fabulous Ni!
For the recent gigs, Spinifex received some very nice reviews. Gerhard Emmer, Kulturk(r)ampf:

"Spinifex flooded the hall with a flowing, captivating sound, which entirely fulfilled the ensemble's aim, which was to reconcile the spiritual transcendence of sufism with Western forms of free, intensive music."

Stefan Uhrmacher, Saarbrücker Zeitung:
"... fuses influences of Asian and African music into a boiling brew... those looking for the extraordinary with oriental flair and jazz exuberance will find what they want here."
9th of March 2019 01:17 PM Link
News from Spinifex!
Currently on tour, tonight at KOMA/Ottensheim (AU), tomorrow at Aurora (Budapest).
The new SOUFIFEX album is available at, and as digital download at and
25th of February 2019 08:10 PM Link
25th of February 2019 08:07 PM Link
Looking forward to this one! Dino alarm
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25th of February 2019 07:03 PM Link
Bedankt Opduvel! A review of Spinifex SOUFIFEX at Jazzblazzt, on
25th of February 2019 07:01 PM Link
Thank you Maurice!
19th of February 2019 06:12 PM Link
We are very happy to announce that Spinifex will be performing at Rewire 2019!!! A great festival, with great vibes and great music! #rewire #spinifex 🤩
3rd of February 2019 12:08 PM Link
Rinus van der Heijden ( with a review of the new SOUFIFEX album:
"Spinifex unravels some of the mystique of Sufi music and sets a new and solid milestone Dutch improvised music."
1st of February 2019 06:14 PM Link
A very nice review of the new Spinifex SOUFIFEX CD by Herman te Loo in Jazzflits! "The typical hammering staccatos (reminiscent of Louis Andriessen and the Haagse School) appear regularly. They have a hypnotising effect ... think of the whirling dervishes... there is room for airiness and lyricism as well."
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27th of January 2019 05:35 PM Link
Here's a short impression of Spinifex SOUFIFEX cd launch concert at Bimhuis (Trytone 20 Festival) last week Friday.
Next gig February 15th at Jazzblazzt, Neeritter!
The cd is available at, and very soon also through the usual digital channels.
26th of January 2019 03:52 PM Link
Holly Moors ( about the new Spinifex SOUFIFEX album (Trytone):
"Exciting, full of humor, and, at times, to tell the truth, slightly addictive. What a great record!"
25th of January 2019 03:12 PM Link
A superpositive review of the new SOUFIFEX album (available at!
"Every note radiates joyfulness, and they all fit together perfectly... it would be a surprise if this album wouldn't turn out to be one of the nicest jazz albums of the year 2019."
17th of January 2019 05:39 PM Link
Today in the Dutch daily newspaper 'Het Parool', an article by Erik Voermans interviewing Spinifex artistic director Tobias Klein. "Tomorrow [Friday] at the Bimhuis, the exciting group Spinifex ..."
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17th of January 2019 12:47 PM Link
January 18th at Bimhuis Amsterdam! Spinifex SOUFIFEX CD Launch. Plus more great music during 18-20 Jan, Trytone 20 Festival
10th of January 2019 06:32 PM Link
Happy and proud to show you the new Spinifex SOUFIFEX CD! Bimhuis 18 January CD launch... if you're around, join the fun! That night it's Trytone 20 Festival at the Bimhuis (Amsterdam), with more great music. The CD is available at and, in a few weeks, via the usual channels (bandcamp, apple music, amazon etc).
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23rd of December 2018 11:27 AM Link
On January 8, the new Spinifex album SOUFIFEX will be released. The cd launch concert is on January 18 at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam (as part of the Trytone 20 festival). Here is a short preview to the music! SOUFIFEX is inspired by Sufi traditions from different parts of the world, and features original compositions by Spinifex musicians, a piece by Mohammad Reza Lotfi and a traditional from Somalia. The cd was recorded at Room 13 Studio, Ghent, expertly mixed and mastered by Philipp Moser and wrapped in beautiful artwork by Gonçalo Almeida.
After the festive cd-launch concert at the Bimhuis (Jan. 18th, in a double bill with Celano-Badenhorst-Baggiani), we'll also play Jazzblazzt, Neeritter on February 15th. March 7-24 we'll be on tour in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.