6th of March 2018 12:13 PM Link
A review of 'Amphibian Ardour' on Vital Weekly. “Spinifex once more proves to be a very good-oiled machinery. Their playing is very tight and together. The eastern-flavoured compositions fit well in their repertoire.”
10th of February 2018 10:58 AM Link
Tonight (10 February), Spinifex at Kulturspeicher Leer (DE)!
9th of February 2018 12:56 PM Link
Coen de Jonge, Jazzism, about the new Spinifex cd 'Amphibian Ardour': "Dat globalistische karakter van de groep komt ook tot uiting in de muziek; nog sterker dan voorheen is hun vrije jazzopvatting gekleurd door klanken met een Iraanse en Pakistaanse oorsprong ... de muziek die de groep hier presenteert: ongebonden, vrij, wars van grenzen en geborneerde opvattingen."
"... the music presented here: uninhibited, unconfined, free of boundaries and narrow-minded ideas."
3rd of February 2018 01:52 PM Link
A great review by Rui Eduardo Paes on Thank you Rui!
"...but it is the variety of approaches that makes this fifth title of the band one of the most captivating. Always in the stream of connections between rigorous collective work and abrasive, urgent solos, raucous at times, but full of intention. Spinifex continues to be one of the most interesting musical proposals that have appeared in recent times and seem to be far from exhausting the chosen formula - on the contrary, because Maris and Dikeman renewed it."
2nd of February 2018 11:25 AM Link
Spinifex presenteert het nieuwe album 'Amphibian Ardour' in De Koer Gent! Met Bart Maris, tp; John Dikeman, ts; Tobias Klein, as; Jasper Stadhouders, git; Gonçalo Almeida, b; Philipp Moser, dr
Spinifex CD presentatie
Spinifex presenteert het nieuwe album 'Amphibian Ardour' in De Koer Gent! Met Bart Maris, tp; John Dikeman, ts; Tobias K...
2nd of February 2018 09:00 PM
1st of February 2018 07:00 PM Link
A review by Eyal Hareuveni on Thank you for the kind words Eyal! "But you can always say that only working bands as Spinifex can reach such high and tight levels of communication and sonic scope and Spinifex has been working, and working hard since 2005."
Tomorrow (2 February) Spinifex plays at KOER in Gent.
27th of January 2018 09:57 AM Link
Tonight! Spinifex at Plusetage, Baarle-Nassau, Sat. 27 Jan. Upcoming gigs are: 2 Feb. at KOER, Gent; and 10 Feb. at Kulturspeicher Leer (DE).
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23rd of January 2018 12:34 PM Link
Great music here!
15th of January 2018 07:14 PM Link
A review of 'Amphibian Ardour' by Herman te Loo on Jazzflits!
"Spinifex weet op wonderbaarlijke wijze een logische eenheid te smeden uit uiterst complexe avant-rockpatronen, minimal music-vlechtwerkjes, uit de hand lopende surfmuziek en traditionals uit de Pakistaanse en Iraanse soefimuziek."
"Spinifex miraculously succeeds in forging a logical unity out of extremely complex avant-rock structures, minimal music textures, surfmusic gone awry and Iranian and Pakistani sufi traditionals."
The entire review can be read on p.8 of:
4th of January 2018 01:45 PM Link
An interesting review of the new CD Amphibian Ardour by Rinus van der Heijden "Another top-notch album by Spinifex"
21st of December 2017 07:01 PM Link
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21st of December 2017 10:39 AM Link
More praise for the new CD Amphibian Ardour! Guy Peters on "... an hour of cutting-edge contemporary jazz ... music that is at the same time free and daring ... a unique trip on a runaway rollercoaster."
19th of December 2017 07:45 PM Link
A great review from OPDUVEL! “Spinifex is apt to suprise you in a positive way with its optimistic energy, musical madness, elegant musicality and unexpected turns … musical joyfulness is clearly the focus of Spinifex, and played by these musicans it makes for a beautiful, playful and at times deranged record … one of the nicest jazz records of the year.”
15th of December 2017 08:36 PM Link
Another great review by Holly Moors! “Fierce and joyful music that irresistibly puts you into a good mood and gives you a big energy shot. Brilliant arrangements, ingenious compositions, music that you can’t get enough of.”
15th of December 2017 07:45 PM Link
A very positive review on Draai om je oren of our new CD, thank you for the kind words Ben Taffijn! “A new Spinifex album! … I couldn’t imagine a better Christmas present … Spinifex is still one of the Netherlands most surpising bands on the Dutch scene. Get a copy … before they’re all gone.”
13th of December 2017 12:57 PM Link
3rd of December 2017 04:23 PM Link
Here's the first review of the new CD 'Amphibian Ardour'! By Can This Even Be Called Music, who write: "With this new release, the band breaks new grounds, and sounds more inspired by Middle Eastern music than ever. It’s an album that deserves to be on everyone’s playlist!"
Thank you CTEBCM!
1st of December 2017 03:55 PM Link
The new Spinifex CD 'Amphibian Ardour' is out on Trytone!
Amphibian Ardour is the fifth Spinifex studio CD, and the first one with tenor saxophonist John Dikeman. The album also features Flemish master trumpeter Bart Maris, who had already been part of Spinifex Maximus in 2015.
Amphibian Ardour includes compositions by alto saxophonist Tobias Klein, bassist Gonçalo Almeida, and music from Iranian and Pakistani Sufi traditions. It was recorded at Namouche Studio in Lisbon and beautifully mixed and mastered by Spinifex drummer Philipp Moser.
Dave Foxall (Jazz Journal, UK) wrote about the previous Spinifex CD ‘Veiled’: “ambitious yet unpretentious, tight, catchy, but also fearlessly exploratory and experimental.”

It is available at:
and as download on bandcamp:
soon also on i-tunes and other digital channels.

Thanks to Sena Muziekproductiefonds for funding.
6th of October 2017 03:45 PM Link
This coming sunday! Spinifex at OCCI, part of a fantastic triple bill with Kraus and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten's The Young Mothers.
★ Kraus ★ Ingebrigt Håker Flaten's The Young Mothers ★ Spinifex★
25 YEARS OCCII (1992-2017) present: KRAUS (NZ) + SPINIFEX + The Young Mothers (Ingebrigt Håker Flaten's Band, NO/US/NL...
8th of October 2017 07:00 PM
1st of September 2017 06:00 PM Link
These fantastic photos (thank you Christian!) bring back exhilarating memories of Burg Herzberg Festival, July 29th ...
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