15th of July 2019 08:45 PM Link
Drive away the summertime blues tomorrow Tuesday 16 July at De Roze Tanker, Amsterdam!
- Salvoandrea Lucifora -trombone, Aaron Lumley - bass
- Spinifex
- Marielle Groven solo - piano & violin

Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg 15, Amsterdam
15th of July 2019 05:30 PM Link
Thank you Pachi Tapiz!
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13th of July 2019 03:42 PM Link
Right on time for our appearance at North Sea Jazz Festival tomorrow 14 July! A big article about John Dikeman by Mark Corroto in allaboutjazz, containing a review of the recent Spinifex Soufifex CD. If you're at North Sea tomorrow: Volga 15.45h
27th of June 2019 11:00 AM Link
An interesting review by Ken Waxman ( of the recent Spinifex CD 'Soufifex'. "...inter-cultural deconstruction ... appreciate the canny admixture that suffuses the memorable session."
15th of May 2019 08:49 AM Link
Maurice Hogue's One Man's Jazz with 3 hours of excellent music! Including a track of Spinifex' most recent album Soufifex (Trytone).
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30th of April 2019 09:04 PM Link
Words of praise from for Spinifex' recent Soufifex CD (Trytone)! "Soufifex also shares some traits of spiritual jazz and avant-garde metal, which decidedly gives it a unique sound. At over an hour long, the album has a lot to offer, and it’s consistently amazing throughout..."
19th of April 2019 10:44 AM Link
A review of Soufifex by Danny de Bock on Jazz'Halo (also appeared on Draai om je oren). "With great musical talent, Spinifex succeeds in making connections. Connections which are not the obvious ones, but which do work."
12th of April 2019 12:08 PM Link
A review of the Spinifex cd Soufifex (Trytone) on allaboutjazz by Vitalijus Gailius! Just for the record ... there is no soprano saxophone on this cd 🙂
10th of April 2019 10:35 AM Link
While the new SOUFIFEX cd has recently been receiving very positive reviews, here is a review of our previous album, in Freistil. A 'Magazin für Musik und Umgebung' from Austria, still appears on physical paper! thank you Freistil! "This diversity of seeming incongruences ... is laid out with a great love for musical discourse, and organised into a non-compromising idiosyncratic sound aesthetic... Jazz to end all Jazz!"
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28th of March 2019 08:55 PM Link
Coming Saturday 18h on ... if you're anywhere near, please proceed afterwards to The Hague to hear us at the Rewire Festival! We play at midnight at The Grey Space.
27th of March 2019 09:24 PM Link
Known for their super tight structures and razor-sharp improvisation, there’s a whole lot more to Spinifex than first meets the eye.

The very last SOUFIFEX concert of our European tour will take place at Rewire Festival in The Hague...coming Saturday - will we see you there?
27th of March 2019 06:00 PM Link
Spinifex at North Sea Jazz Festival, Sunday 14 July!
25th of March 2019 10:13 AM Link
Nice memories of our gig at Aurora, Budapest 2 weeks ago. Great place! thanks for the photos!
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23rd of March 2019 12:10 PM Link
A review by Rui Eduardo Paes, !
23rd of March 2019 12:08 PM Link
Here's a lovely review of our latest cd by Rui Eduardo Paes, "...inspired directly or indirectly in that mystical chain of Islam... in short: a miracle." We had a great gig at Tor 9, Bremen last night, sharing the evening with the fantastic Ni! from Lyon. Many thanks to Tide and the crew! Tonight Schieszhaus, Zeulenroda!
22nd of March 2019 03:26 PM Link
Spinifex on tour promoting the recent CD 'Soufifex' (Trytone)...
22nd of March 2019 03:25 PM Link
Spinifex is on the road for the 2nd leg of the March tour! Tonight at Tor 9 in Bremen, sharing the evening with the fabulous Ni!
For the recent gigs, Spinifex received some very nice reviews. Gerhard Emmer, Kulturk(r)ampf:

"Spinifex flooded the hall with a flowing, captivating sound, which entirely fulfilled the ensemble's aim, which was to reconcile the spiritual transcendence of sufism with Western forms of free, intensive music."

Stefan Uhrmacher, Saarbrücker Zeitung:
"... fuses influences of Asian and African music into a boiling brew... those looking for the extraordinary with oriental flair and jazz exuberance will find what they want here."
9th of March 2019 01:17 PM Link
News from Spinifex!
Currently on tour, tonight at KOMA/Ottensheim (AU), tomorrow at Aurora (Budapest).
The new SOUFIFEX album is available at, and as digital download at and
25th of February 2019 08:10 PM Link
25th of February 2019 08:07 PM Link
Looking forward to this one! Dino alarm
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