December 2014: Spinifex tour in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia

7/12 Bajkonur, Łódź
8/12 Pardon To Tu, Warsaw
9/12 XI20, Vilnius
10/12 Philly Joe’s, Tallinn
12/12 ESG-21, St Petersburg
13/12 DOM, Moscow
14/12 Muzenergo Festival, Dubna


In 2014, Spinifex presented BOLLYCORE, a project featuring Priya Purushothaman, one of India’s most talented young vocalists, and virtuoso dancer Maya Sapera. We played 13 shows in India, Belgium, Hungary and the Netherlands.
Bollycore was funded by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, VSB Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Adèle Wickert Fonds

 The Spinifex album Hipsters Gone Ballistic (Trytone Records, december 2013) has been receiving fantastic reviews!

Eyal Hareuveni, allaboutjazz, february 2014:”… contrasting extremely tight, irregular structures and rhythms with explosive free improvisations and disciplined math- metal precision with playful Indian Karnatic rhythmic elements. All selections are played with sheer abandon and joyful passion, from the first second to the last one. All compositions feature restless shifts and complex dynamics as well as the highly collaborative and versatile interplay of this well-rehearsed quintet… the most impressive piece is an inspired, uplifting cover of Karnatic composer and singer Papanasam Sivan, ‘Sre Valli Devasenapathe, that sounds like a spin on their fellow countrymen The Ex’s Ethiopian covers. No doubt, the hipsters went on a wild ride.”

Tom Greenland, The New York City Jazz Record june 2014 “Spinifex is an energetic prog-jazz quintet… Hipsters Gone Ballistic opens with a driving additive rhythm in nine beats, which manages, for all its prickly accents, to instill a punk-rock vibe, something that might drive less-inhibited jazz fans to mosh. The recording is notable for its juxtaposition of complex figures, flawlessly doubled by trumpeter Gijs Levelt and alto saxophonist Tobias Klein, in contrast to unfettered, free-form sections, the two approaches relentlessly overlapping throughout. The frontline delivers skronky accompaniment to Philipp Moser’s throbbing drumbeats, cadencing as one on “Flying Object Forth Worth”, ending memorably on the Klezmer-goes-Bollywood “Sre Valli Devasenapathe.”

Rui Dinis, A Trompa
“Spinifex, a band that causes constant amazement…the obvious does not exist in Spinifex, not only in the improvisations but also in pure creativity and freedom. The varied and invariably irregular structures make the sound of Spinifex into a healthy and wild sonic feast. Spinifex is hard to crack. But in the end, it’s all pleasure.”

Monsieur Délire, Monsieur Délire: “Looking for a record that hits hard and never where you expect it? Bam! Hipsters Gone Ballistic is a neverending flurry of pops to the jaw. Ultratight tunes borrowing from jazzpunk and avant-prog. With guitarist Jasper Stadhouders (also in Lilyʼs Déjà Vu), Gonçalo Almeida on bass, drummer Philipp Moser, and most of all the dual frontline of Gijs Levelt (trumpet) and Tobias Klein (alto sax). Recommended.”

Helen Moors, moorsmagazine january 2014: ” Spinifex and their new album Hipsters Gone Ballistic guarantees an unprecedented adrenaline rush … they go right at it with crackling energy, unexpected turns, super tight arrangements and, within those, strangely free improvisations which constantly keep the listener in suspense … fantastic!”

Jan Willem Broek in Caleidoscoop, december 2013: “There is no telling what will happen and that makes the music so attractive. The energy is almost tangible and it’s bursting with the joy of performing … simply sensational!”

Herman te Loo in Jazzflits, december 2013: “The most striking characteristic is the pounding staccato rhythm … you might blame the band for a lack of subtleness, but that’s definitely not the case. The dynamic spectrum of Spinifex is big, and so is their bag of musical ideas. Sometimes it seems as if all the instrumental lines of the larger Spinifex Orchestra have been pressed into this quintet.”

Sergej Komnenić in Jazz in RS: “The sound on their last release is sharp, biting, edgy and dangerous … saxophonist Tobias Klein and the rest of the gang are rampant playing rhythms, carefully preserving the raw energy of punk and metal that pervade the whole issue … The rhythm section is a story in itself – bass guitarist Goncalo Almeida and drummer Philipp Moser are an explosive duo … at their cue the whole band goes into vigorous hard-core sections.”

Zdeněk Slabý in His Voice, december 2013: “Dangerously adventurous compositional structures with a due share of improvisation”

It is available at TryTone and CDBaby and i-Tunes
We presented the at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam on 23 january 2014.
Here’s a Sneak Preview:

Spinifex toured in Portugal in the beginning of july 2013, during the peak of a heatwave …
here is an impression:

In february 2013, Spinifex was on tour in India. Here is a little movie which gives an impression …