Drummer and astro-physicist Philipp Moser is known for his work with Dutch progressive metal band Cilice. Guitarist Jasper Stadhouders sets the tone in the Amsterdam and Berlin underground. The Portuguese, Rotterdam-based bassist Gonçalo Almeida switches effortlessly between a beautifully rounded sound and heavy electric distortion. Tenor saxophonist John Dikeman has been impressing audiences performing with his trio with William Parker and Hamid Drake. Trumpet master Bart Maris has been a singular voice in European improvised music for some decades. Alto saxophonist Tobias Klein, the motor behind the band, has also made a name for himself as a bass clarinet player and composer.
Spinifex has released 9 albums and performed at festivals such as Belgrade Jazz Festival (SRB), 3 Tage Jazz Saalfelden (AT), Rewire (NL), North Sea Jazz Festival (NL), AMR Festival (CH), Jazz Goes To Town (CZ), Mediawave Festival (HU), ISAI Festival (IN), Moers Festival (DE), MEO Outjazz (PT), Fireflies Festival (IN), Dutch Jazz & World Meeting (NL), ZomerJazzFietstour (NL), Houtfestival (NL), Music Meeting (NL), Pera Fest (TR), Festival Mundial (NL), Are You Free Festival (SK), Serralves Festival (PT), Freakshow Artrock Festival (DE), Jazzahead (DE) and Muzenergo Festival (RU).

“Spinifex is a free-spirited band of musicians who embrace free jazz in the very best way … a brilliant record from some of the freest improvisers from the Be-Ne-Lux countries… a band you just have to listen to at a concert. Delicious!” (Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts)

***** ”… delicious breathtakers, non-idiomatic, nervous entanglements, minimalist rates of varying intensity, the rising dynamics of ruthless flow. Their music really beats the plague… Amazing musical energy !!!” (Jan Hocek, jazzport.cz)

“…only working bands as Spinifex can reach such high and tight levels of communication and sonic scope…”
Eyal Hareuveni, Salt-Peanuts.eu

“… an hour of cutting-edge contemporary jazz … music that is at the same time free and daring … a unique trip on a runaway rollercoaster.” Guy Peters, enola.be

“What’s exciting—and impressive—about Spinifex’s music is the way the group manages to absorb and synthesize a variety of influences (jazz, punk, metal, Indian, etc.) and then produce something greater than a simple grab-bag of styles … if you haven’t heard Spinifex yet, now is the perfect time to dive in.” Eric McDowell, Free Jazz Collective

  • Tobias Klein – alto saxophone
  • Bart Maris – trumpet
  • John Dikeman – tenor saxophone
  • Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
  • Goncalo Almeida – bass
  • Philipp Moser – drums

In 2022, the ensemble presented Spinifex Sings, a project featuring vocalists Björk Nielsdottir from Iceland and Priya Purushothaman from Mumbai.

The CDs are available at www.trytone.org, bandcamp, Apple Music  and other platforms.

A preview to our album Spinifex Beats The Plague: